Solar panels have been around for over 50 years but in the UK it was not until the mid-2000s that there stared to be a significant increase in the amount of panels installed.  Nearly 20 years later it is quite common to see them on private house, businesses and in fields.

The technology remains similar to those that were originally installed however today there panels are providing more power.

We had our first panels installed in 2011 – 250W was the standard and 14 panels fitted our roof.  These have generated 35,000 kW – a number which is meaningless but equates to 10 years of the consumption. for the house – effectively we have operated without any electricity use.  At the same time the Government paid a feed in tariff (FIT) which has been worth over £15,000. 

Today you don’t get the FIT but the installation costs are about half of the £10,000 that was paid 11 years ago.