Despite us looking for the cheapest car insurance, or holiday, every month put heating and lighting bills hit the floor and the majority of us pay them without looking for a better solution

In the 1970s electricity costs 2p per unit and today it is around 17p and despite advertising on the TV and in the media there hasn,t been a shift away from the big 6 producers as you would expect.

This is only for a week after I transferred to Octopus but my energy bill dropped in October and the unit price fell from 17p to 10.16p

Businesses suffer 250% increase in electricity costs in the last 15 years

Even though we have gone through some of the worst business times in the past 15 years out fixed costs have increased dramatically. Electricity costs 6.5p in 2004 and is now over 16p per unit while the costs of goods and wages has almost stood still.

Carbon Trust fund energy efficiency projects for private business and charities

Companies like R-Tech Materials reduced their overall energy consumption thanks to new more efficient lighting and by generating their own clean, green energy thanks to the addition of solar panels on the roof. 72% energy saving, 442 tonnes of carbon and a lifetime saving of £187,170 in hard earned cash.