How things have changed!

When I started to write this page in 2020 I was concerned that there had been a large increase in electricity with 1970s electricity costs 2p per unit and today it is around 17p. Well today electricity prices have almost reached 30p which outstrips the estimated 5% annual increase we all expected.

Businesses suffer 250% increase in electricity costs in the last 15 years

We have gone through some of the worst trading times in the past 15 years and our fixed costs have increased dramatically. Electricity costs 6.5p in 2004 and is now closer to 25p per unit.

Can Solar Panels help me keep the bills down?

An average family house could produce around half of the electricity they use from their roof if they installed solar panels. Solar panels use the light to create electricity and this can be used in the house to run everything you have. Some days you will not have enough electricity from solar, some days too much. If you have the space you can also store the excess in a battery to be used at night when the solar panels don’t work.

Whichever way you look at it an investment of, say £7,500, spread over the 25 years of a standard mortgage could save £75 per month based on today’s costs and with prices expected to continue to rise looking solar pv is definitely