“Powering the sustainable transition” gives direction for any business by reducing costs and preparing for a ‘net zero’ future. This is even more pertinent as energy prices soar and look like remaining high for at least another couple of years.

Since we started working with our sister company, INECO Energy Ltd., we have seen them complete nearly 100 installations. These installations have generated over 10,000,000kWH of GREEN Energy which could power over 3,000 homes. Green energy that has reduced for carbon based fuels and has stopped over 2,000 tons of carbon being created

2,000 tons of carbon is the equivalent of driving over 7 million miles in a car or planting over 100,000 trees.

Each day Ineco Energy continue to install Solar PV to help drive a cleaner future.

Sceptre Services Ltd. will no longer be offering IT sales, support or accounting services.

The Group has taken the bold step to focus on environmental issues through its sister company Ineco Energy Limited

Solar Panels – the benefits

Solar panels only require light, not necessarily sun, but sun gives you more electricity. They may not be the most appealing products but most people never look at the roof of their homes, and for businesses the roof is the ideal place to position panels.

Panels will reduce your energy consumption and save you money. We have been using them since 2011 and increase the number where possible to keep our bills down.

Battery storage

Much of the daylight we convert to electricity is exported to the grid. There is nothing wrong with this as someone else will use it and it reduces everybody’s consumption. 

However you can store this power in batteries to use when there is no sun at night.  Batteries come in all shapes and sizes (and costs) and we will discuss more on the following pages.

We use a battery in the office to run our servers and alarm system overnight at ZERO cost.

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