Renewable & Low Energy Solutions

Sceptre provide Renewable & Low Energy solutions for businesses and public sector organisations

We specialise in;

  • Providing modern, energy efficient LED lighting which cuts lighting bills by up to 70% per annum - (Free under Salix funding for public sector).
  • Solar panelling which reduces total electricity costs by up to 60% - (Free for large sites).
  • Power optimisation which can cut electricity costs by up to 30% and increase the longevity of your quipment.

Salix Funding - Public Sector

Using Salix funding, Sceptre can provide your public sector organisation with low energy LED lighting and Voltage Optimisation systems which cut electricity bills by up to 70%.

Salix finance provides 100% interest-free government funding for the installation of modern, energy efficient technologies in public sector organisations.

Replacing inefficient equipment significantly reduces both annual energy bills and carbon emissions.

Your Salix loan is paid back over a number of years entirely from the savings gained from your reduced energy bills, this means that the installation is effectively free. After the repayments, all the energy savings are yours to keep ad infinitum, leaving you with more money to spend elsewhere.


"A school borrows £20,000 to put in new, energy efficient lighting which will save the school £4,000 per annum from reduced electricity usage.

For the first five years these savings are used to pay back the interest-free loan.

Once the loan is repaid, the continued savings enable the school to use the capital for other budgets, such as the purchase of new equipment."

Salix funding allows public sector organisations to solve their energy consumption problems, help tackle climate change and reduce costs - whilst bypassing the barrier of enormous upfront costs. 

Salix can also be used for other saving projects - replacement boilers, replacement computers, and even insulation.  The interest free loans are all subject to qualification but over £300 million has been loaned to over 12,000 organisations.  Meeting the criteria is tricky but these figures show easily achievable.

Low Energy LED Lighting

Sceptre can provide your organisation with top quality, energy efficient LED lighting which will cut lighting bills by up to 70% and significantly improve your quality of light.

Solar Panelling

Investing in solar power for your unutilised roofspace will cut your electricity bills by up to 100% and potentially generate an income from the energy generated.

With PPA funding your business can benefit from solar power without any upfront capital investment - reducing your electricity costs by up to 60%.

Voltage Power Optimisation

Around 90% of UK buildings use more electricity than they actually need - simply because their power is not optimised. VPO optimises a site's power supply to provide financial, energy and carbon savings.