ICT, Renewable & Low Energy Business Consultancy

Sceptre provide specialist consultancy and project management services for businesses looking to change, develop or install new ICT, renewable or low energy equipment.

We specialise in:

  • Business ICT Systems
  • Renewable & Low Energy Solutions

Business ICT Systems

Sceptre has notable expertise in Business ICT systems, having gained extensive experience in this sector over the last 30 years.

Specialist Guidance and Advice

We provide comprehensive advice on systems, products and processes which will increase your employee’s productivity and meet your business objectives.

If your organisation is relying on outdated legacy systems, you need more performance from your equipment or want your company to be more energy efficient, we can give you the support and guidance you need to make it happen easily, swiftly and without disrupting your business.

Project Management

From our initial recommendations we can undertake and manage your transition from old to new. Using our experience and specialist knowledge, we ensure that every facet of the process is planned and carried out with efficiency and precision.

We can handle the planning, supply, installation and after purchase support and are keen to establish cost effective solutions, especially when considering durability, Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Renewable and Low Energy Systems

Sceptre undertake project management and consultancy services in order to deliver strategic, cost effective and commercially feasible energy saving projects for your premises.

We have gained consiberable experience in providing renewable and low energy systems for businesses and organisations, both in the private and public sectors.

Specialist Advice and Project Management

Sceptre provide comprehensive advice on systems which reduce electricity costs and carbon output for our clients premises. We work with trusted partners to ensure that your new systems are tailored to fit your requirements.

We can provide technical advice on all stages of the implementation process, from the initial enquiry through to the installation and after purchase support.

We will appraise your buildings and
assess the economical and technical feasibility of your project. From this we can provide a detailed cost-benefit analysis to support our recommendations.

We have delivered renewable and low energy projects across many sectors and have a large portfolio of successul projects.

We provide:

  • Low Energy LED Lighting

- Reduce lighting costs by up to 70% with modern, energy efficient LED lighting. Government Funding available for public sector organisations - Read about Salix Funding here.

  • Solar Panelling

- Reduce your electricty costs by up to 100% and potentially earn an income from the energy generated from your Solar installation.

Reduce your total electricity bill by up 60% with a fully funded Solar installation under a PPA Agreement - Read about PPA Funding here under Solar Panelling.

  • Voltage Power Optimisation

- By optimising your power supply you can cut your electricity costs and carbon footprint by up to 15%, as well as reduce the frequency of equipment failure and the costs of replacement. Read about Voltage Power Optimisation here.

Our consultants have developed their expertise over many years in industry. Their breadth of experience has given them the skills and the passion to help businesses progress with complex projects. Contact Us, we're happy to help.