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2014 - 2015

November 2016 - Opening of INECO Energy Ltd

As part of The Rayer Group we have launched a new company to deliver energy efficiency projects.  With the experience of the team having delivered over 20 projects we are now embarking on this service directly.  Projects for public and private companies are in the pipeline and we are delivering our 'designed for efficiency' projects to optimise lighting levels and reduce the number of luminaires.

September 2015 - BBC highlight Wi-Fi hotspot concerns

Free public Wi-Fi seems to be everywhere - but who actually supplies it and is it safe?

For years we have been supporting clients using computer with a 'best practice' approach and offering solutions that help secure and protect online activity.  With the push from the likes of Microsoft (Office 365) and Google to offering Cloud based services we are being forced to eat into our data allowances if we want to be connected 24/7/365.

In some ways this is not quite true.  Using your home and office Wi-Fi does not eat in to you allowance (as long as you have enabled your phone and apps to use Wi-Fi when present) - so the only time you need to use your data allowance is when you are not at a 'trusted' location.

Q. So, how easy is it to obtain information from a computer or smartphone from a Wi-Fi hotspot?

A. if you want to be inquisitive have a look around this website :  and you will be amazed.  Alternatively have a look at the BBC website where there is a simple video showing you how easy it is :

Now you can see how easy it is to get people to attach to your Wi-Fi - you can understand how easy it is to start getting your information from you.

RoboForm ( have software that reduce the impact of potential loss of user details to hackers.  Why not try the FREE download that allows you to save your identity with military grade encryption, and has a useful tool to generate secure passwords for you.

There is no simple solution to resolve all you problems - just nice software like RoboForm that helps make your life a little more secure.

September 2015 - Ashden Award

Before the end of the summer term at Thornhill Primary (our first LED school in Cardiff) we were inspected by Ashden (  Ashden champion and support sustainable energy leaders to accelerate the transition to a low carbon World.

The inspectors were 'very impressed with what the school had achieved' and we have been told we are amongst the finalists.  The winners would be notified in October.

This is a great commendation for all the stakeholders at the school who have worked tirelessly in areas that are normally the domain of energy consultants.

August 2015 - more Cardiff schools make use of Salix funded LED lighting

The impetus of installation in Cardiff continues with more schools benefitting from the LED lighting upgrade.  Peter Lea Primary, Radyr Comprehensive and Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf will now be saving around £40,000 per year after this £250,000 investment.  

Sceptre's director, Tony Rayer, has been instrumental in getting the projects off the ground and we are pleased to be associated with The City of Cardiff Council and their Energy team who have jointly developed the strategy to save money across the County. 

Seven Cardiff schools now benefit from LED lighting and another 23 schools are scheduled for upgrades in the next 12 months.

July 2015 - Salix revise their compliance tools

After a meeting in June between Tony Rayer and Craig Mellis (Salix) the revised compliance tool has been published.  The revision includes changes due to evidence from Sceptre on thin and zero client developments.  It may be possible to implement 'low energy computing' in the public sector with an interest free loan, in much the same way as LED lighting has been installed.

May half-term 2015 - LED lighting - Coryton Primary School, Cardiff.

Our third LED lighting installation has been completed at Coryton Primary School, Cardiff.  The school had too many fluorescent lights for the floor space, many of which were either not working or providing poor quality of lighting.  The design team restructured the lighting and reduced the number of fitments at the same time as increasing the quality of light.

14 May 2015 - ECO Showcase - Thornhill Primary School, Cardiff

Over 25 of Cardiff's most progressive schools were able to attend the showcase hosted at Thornhill Primary School.  The essence of the 'after school meeting' was to show how Cardiff schools can benefit from Salix funding to have LED lighting installed. 

'As a governor at Thornhill I am proud to say we have reduced our electricity bill by 40% in the past couple of years', says Tony Rayer, 'with a £20,000 loan from Salix giving us new LED lighting across the oldest part of the school.  With a 10kW solar array, solar powered IT suite, and zero client computing across the school we can now deliver the curriculum more effectively, raise standards, and reduce the electricity bill.'

Thornhill Primary are leaders in using technology to develop a sustainable, low energy, school. 

Feb 2015 - LED lighting - Whitchurch Primary School, Cardiff

Installed over the February half term our latest LED lighting installation has been a great success, savings for the school set to be in the region of £100,000 over the duration of the project.  Funded 100% by Salix Finance the school benefit from savings, improved quality of lighting and a greatly improved working environment for both the staff and the pupils.

Investors In People Award

We have been awarded the Investors In People accreditation for another three years! We pride ourselves on our employee's business strategy skills and expert knowledge - very pleased to receive this recognition through IiP.

Windows 8.1 and Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Experiencing problems writing to open files in Windows 8.1?

We have found that the default reader for PDFs which come with Windows 8.1 fails to un-load when you have been looking at PDF files.  This means that the file status is 'open' so the files can't be amended.

Recommendation: if you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro to edit PDF we suggest you uninstall the default Windows Reader to stop the 'open file' status.

LED lighting projects that improve lighting quality and reduce costs

On 3 November 2014 a north Cardiff school, Thornhill Primary School, went live on their new LED lighting.

Before half term the governing body appointed an installer, AVC NextGen Ltd, who replaced all the 1990s lighting with LED fittings.  This was done using a little known grant from Salix Finance Ltd. costing the school no more than their existing electricity bill.

Thornhill's new lighting has already reduced their costs by around 65%, which will be a continuous saving year on year.

Their saving over the next 20 years will be more than £65,000.

IP EXPO Trade Show, ExCel, London

Fantastic time at the IP EXPO last week. Enjoyed the seminar with three former black hat hackers giving tips on where the cyber security vulnerabilities lie for businesses and individuals.

"The vulnerabilities that hackers most commonly exploit arise from people being stupid with passwords; weak passwords or the same password being used across several accounts"

Former black hat hackers | IP EXPO Europe |

IntroBiz Business Exhibition

Had a great day at the Introbiz Business Exhibition on Thursday. Good to see such a busy show with so many Welsh businesses under one roof.

CRYathlon Sponsorship

CRYathlon's heroic South America challenge comes to an end - Cycling 1,000 Miles across the Argentinian Pampas, climbing three peaks in the Andes and canoeing 500 km through the Amazon in aid of the leading heart charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). Epic, gruelling, sensational.

Read about Tim Butt's story and the CRYathlon journey.

Gadget Show Live Exhibition

Great day at the Gadget Show Live, NEC Birminham. Nice to see a lot of new technology supporting renewable energy.


BETT Show 2014 Exhibition

Exhibited RoboForm at the BETT Show 2014. The major international technology in education event kept us rushed off our feet from start to finish. Held in the enormous ExCel building in London and with 40,000 annual visitors it is the largest 'tech in ed' show in the world. From the sore throats and sore feet we certainly feel like we spoke to every visitor. Good show, good company and very good response!