About Us

We provide ICT, renewable & low energy equipment, project management and consultancy. We can supply, manage and support your projects from day one.

Our clients welcome the support that goes hand in hand with choosing, purchasing and implementing their equipment. We provide an enormous selection of products and help organisations make the right decisions from a strategic and cost sensitive point of view.

Our expertise are in the areas of;

  • Equipment Supply & Installation
  • Consultancy & Project Management
  • After Purchase Support & Maintenance

ICT Equipment

"We don’t want to just ship a box. At Sceptre we listen to our clients and offer them quality, current products at competitive prices."

Our products & services include;

  • Supply, installation & after purchase support
  • Desktops to servers and everything in between
  • Software & data backup
  • Renewable energy equipment for businesses and organisations

We supply a huge number of products on request, contact us and we’ll source the products you need.

ICT, Renewable & Low Energy Business Consultancy

We provide specialist consultancy and project management services for businesses looking to change, develop or install new ICT, renewable or low energy equipment."

  • Business ICT Systems
  • Renewable & Low Energy Solutions